H-E-A-R-T HEART - Hope Exists After Rape Trauma
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H-E-A-R-T Jewelry

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Heart Pendants

Price: $25
These Handmade, one-of-a kind acrylic heart pendants are really special and we are happy to offer them as part of our line of H-E-A-R-T jewelry! They come with a loop 16″ or 18″ or 20″ in length and are gift boxed. At a recent conference these hearts sold out the first day! Just $20 each. Please specify length of loop. Since each heart is one-of-a-kind, we will honor your general color choice.



H-E-A-R-T Bracelet

Price: $50
The original HEART bracelet, designed by Debbie Smith, features fresh water pearls, amethyst, garnet, and a silver replica of the HEART logo. Gemstones were carefully selected to reflect the philosophy and mission of HEART:

  • Garnet – love and commitment
  • Amethyst – emotional healing
  • Pearls – just as the oyster gives of itself to make the beauty of the pearl, so must the victim give of herself to make something beautiful of her tragedy

Custom Length


H-E-A-R-T Necklace

Price: $70
NEW The original HEART Necklace matches the bracelet with 17″ jeweled chain.

H-E-A-R-T Egg Pendant

Price: $65
From the ArtelTM Collection, another exclusive design for H-E-A-R-T. ArtelTMegg pendants are carefully handcrafted by Russian master jewelers from sterling silver cores with 24kt gold vermeil, Swarovski crystals, fine Italian enamels and a variety of semi-precious stones. Egg measures 5/8″ x 3/4″ and sells for $65. Each egg comes in a distinctive gift box.

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