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“Thank you, again, for coming to Bode. I was fortunate to be there when you came and talked to the to us when the 25 of us fit around one large table. As Mike said, your courage to keep talking is unfathomable. Your ability to reach young DNA scientists with your personal experience, to put a face to a box, a bin, a swab, is beyond compare. You care, you try, you are special.” Chris Cave (1/19/2017)

“What a pleasure it was hearing you both speak today. Thank you for sharing your story and your heart with us. Your love for each other was so apparent and such a blessing to see. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. Thank you for dedicating your lives to this cause.” Jessica Danso  (1/19/2017)

“I wanted to thank you for coming out to Lorton to speak with us at Bode last week. Debbie, your story was inspiring and touching, and Rob, your devotion to and passion for your wife and your job was very apparent.
I very much enjoyed hearing you speak, Debbie, as I think it truly is important as a lab tech to get the reminder that what we do matters, and that there’s a face and a story behind every sample tube we test. It can be difficult day in and day out looking at sample tubes to remember that those tubes each individually represent someone’s life, whether that be victims or survivors. Specifically, Debbie, I really very much enjoyed the analogies you were making with DNA. Speaking about how DNA represents chains, freedom, etc. I was wondering, if you would please be willing to share that again with me? That’s something that I would love to look to during my days at work, to keep me inspired and continuously connected to DNA.
Thank you very much for coming out and speaking again, and thank you for all that you do for other victims and survivors.” Kayla Turner – DNA Technologist Trainee, Bode Cellmark Forensics (1/23/2017)

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